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About Us

Vision Statement

cctvOur vision is to be the customer’s first and best choice for fire and electronic security solutions in Graff-Reinet.

Mission Statement

Eyona Fire and Security Services (Pty) Ltd is committed to exceeding expectations .We understand the value of integrity, honesty and experience and our dedicated staff delivers that and much more, first time and every time. We believe the best employees are those who feel appreciated, and that translates to our customers. We believe service to our community and our families is critical to our success.We demand excellence in all we do, and for those we service.

Shared Value Statement

electric fenceIntegrity:  We will do what we say. We will keep our commitment to our customers, shareholders and employees.
Truth:  We will be honest and forthright in everything we do.
Fairness:  We will treat our customers, suppliers and employees fair at all times.
Performance:  Above all, we value superior performance. We expect the highest level of achievement from all team members every day.

Finally, we are committed to safeguarding what you value most – your family, property and profits.

Diversity Statement

We value the diversity of our employees and the unique perspectives they bring to Eyona Fire and Security Services (Pty) Ltd. Diversity at Eyona Fire and Security Services (Pty) Ltd, not only includes age, race, sexuality orientation/gender identity, genetic information, disability and ethnicity but, also jobs and functional roles within the company. The market and clients we serve, our geographic location, educational background and whether one joints Eyona Fire and Security Services (Pty) Ltd independly or through an acquisition or outsourcing arrangement by valuing these differences we, demonstrate our commitment to treat everyone with fairness and respect.

Management Team

We lead from the front, displaying our integrity and using facts to support our straight talk. We create an environment for positive change built on collaboration and trust. Each partner brings a specific area of expertise to the firm and together, these four owners create an extremely experienced and well- balanced team. Eyona Fire and Security Services (Pty) Ltd will be managed by its working shareholders and will hire key management personnel as is appropriate to their growth projections and marketing strategies.
Management and Operations Meetings
Regular meetings between the management and the operations team are held to evaluate all client requirements. Through these meetings we continually strengthen and revitalize our approach in protecting the assets and interests of the client

Quality Assurance

Whilst we the company does not have third party external accreditation, the company is committed to the pursuance of quality excellence in all aspects if its operation and demonstrates best practice procedures and effective project and management. We regularly monitor and evaluate our systems and processes and aim to continually improve these through staff and client feedback.


Our sales staff will carry out survey in your premises or institutes and submit security recommendations accordingly .This is normally done before deployment or as deployment is taking place. We also do security audits on existing clients because security is dynamic .Crime trends are very dynamic and security systems must embrace this.

Employment Equity

The company commits itself, not only to comply with the requirements of the employment equity act 97 of 1998, but to consider employment equity as a business strategic concept without which the company limits its ability to compete in the industry.
The concept of employment equity embrace both the removal of discrimination and an element of affirmative action in a broadly based approach aimed at creating a culture of equality and opportunities for all. In order to address past inbalances, strategies will be implemented to ensure the equitable representation of all the demographics of South Africa .The strategies include the setting of numerical goals, plans to achieve those goals, removal of discriminatory practice, recruitment and selection systems aimed at attracting, developing and retaining people from previously disadvantaged groups, the management of diversity and the creation of a culture where differentiation may only be based on the inherent requirement of a job, a person’s skills, abilities, education and potential.

Broad Based Black  Economic Empowerment

Eyona Fire and Security Services (Pty) Ltd recognises and strives to adhere to the Code of Practice issued under the Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment Act 53 of 2004.
The principles of Eyona Fire and Security Services (Pty) Ltd Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment policy is as follows.
The B-BBEE solution implemented the organization should be broad base and inclusive;
All B-BBEE initiatives should be measurable in order to determine the achievement of objectives of the B-BBEE strategy .Measurability may encompass both quantitive and qualitative factors.
Information relating to B-BBEE will be simple, factual and reliable for ease and accuracy of measurement.
No form of fronting will be accepted as a solution.
The policy application will be performance bases and focused and must enhance our business confirming our commitment towards empowerment, Eyona Fire and Security Services (Pty) Ltd has a B-BBEE verification of 110% compliance (Level 3) with majority black shareholder.

Code of Ethics

Eyona Fire and Security Services (Pty) Ltd is committed to ensure that business is conducted in all respects and all the times , according to rigorous ethical , professional and legal standards ,which prevail  from time to time in the same industrial sectors  which company conducts its normal business, the company is also committed to create a workplace ,at all of its working locations , where co – workers are respected and provided an appropriate environment so as to encourage good performance  and conduct.
To achieve this goal all employees are expected to:

    Adhere to this policy in their professional as well as personal conduct
    Treat co with respect, courtesy, honesty and fairness
    Respect different values, beliefs, cultures and religions
    Value the contribution of the people they work with and work co – operatively
    Not bully, intimidate, harass or discriminate against other co – workers

Service Stanards

Service Level Agreements (SLA)
Eyona Fire and Security Services (Pty) Ltd provides a draft service level agreement (SLA) complied in conjunction with the client to determine minimum levels of service standards. The SLA includes inter alia the following Psira registration and certification:

    Training Plan
    Man power and staffing levels
    Job and task descriptions
    Compliance with statutory legislation
    Conducting risk assessment
    General Administration
    Management duties/responsibilities

Occupational Health and Safety

Eyona Fire and Security Services (Pty) Ltd commits itself to:
The creation of safe and healthy working environment/conditions for employees and the conservation of all its resources through efficiency and integration throughout the workplace driven and supported by management.
Being a service orientated organization , Eyona Fire and Security Services (Pty) Ltd is committed to the provision of continuous / improved safety awareness  through ongoing training, compliance with O.H.S act requirements and employee  understanding , involvement and acceptable at all levels to implement a structured, systematic and dynamic safety ,health and environmental  programme in order to eliminate or minimize those incidents which cause injuries, illness, ,damage to premises / equipment, fires ,explosions and any other losses. Complying with the client’s health, safety and environmental policies and procedures.

Quality without Compromise

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